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On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the
Victoria Chapter held its Annual Awards &
Christmas Banquet at the Gorge Vale Golf Club
in Esquimalt.

After the buffett luncheon, special recognition was given to the

VICTORIA VINETTES, who were celebrating their
40th Anniversary this month.

Bill Bouchard had made a wonderful commemoratative

video which highlighted the past 40 years of this remarkable
group.  Each Vinette member who was present received
a copy of the video, as well as a pink carnation and a certificate.


The Vinettes who were in attendance at the
Christmas & Awards Banquet:

Dolores Stevens
Lorna Steer
Ruby Shea
Diane Kemp
Joan Huddleston
Rita Green
Joy Cassidy
Barb Kent

There was a second recognition ceremony for the Vinettes, on December 5th, at the Club's
"Member Appreciation Night".
The commemorative video was shown again, and there was a special 40th Anniversary cake.
The ladies present at that event were:

Barb Kent, Dolores Stevens,
Diane Kemp, Ruby Shea
Lorna Steer. Joan Huddleston
Rose Spencer, Rita Green


This was the special anniversary cake,
decorated with pink flowers, because
pink is the Vinettes colour!!

This is Rusty MacNut, who was the
mascot of the 1979 VCCC May Tour,
hosted by the Victoria Chapter.

The Vinettes bought up every kilt and piece
of tartan fabric they could find, and made these
wonderful tams, and dressed several hundred
Rustys for tour giveaways!!


The Vinettes helping to set out the
food and beverages for the
"Member Appreciation Night" --

Lorna Steer
Ruby Shea
Joan Huddleston
Rita Green

Some of the lovely spread of holiday treats,

organized by JANE THOMAS, for the
Chapter's Annual "Member Appreciation Night",
which is also the final meeting of the year!

Thanks to the ladies of the
Vinettes for their ongoing support
and dedication for the past years --
they have been responsible for organizing
the General Meeting Refreshments --
that's 10 meetings per year!

Eleven of the Vinettes topped off their 40th Anniversary celebrations with a final luncheon at the Villa Eyrie at the top of the Malahat on December 10th.



And .... Santa dropped by to congratulate the Vinettes!!

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