We apologize for the lack of old car photos, but the weather was not very good for a Sunday Run -- cloudy and rainy.  Therefore, most folks drove in their modern cars -- with better lighting and good windshield wipers!!

There were 12 cars (of which only 2 were vintage) and 19 people.

Folks enjoyed the wonderful Fall colours
that were on display nearly the whole drive .....
The route left from the usual place -- went out West Burnside to McKenzie and Blenkinsop, which beomes Maplewood and then Cook Street.  We followed Hillside to Lansdowne to Beach Drive, which becomes Cadboro Bay Road.

After driving through the village, we went along Arbutus Road and around Wedgewood Point. The route followed Telegraph Bay Road to Queenswood Drive, back to Arbutus Road to Gordon Head Road, which becomes Ferndale Road.

We took a short loop around Gordon Point Drive, and then followed Ferndale to Tyndall, to Ash and Cordova Bay Road, through Mt. Douglas Park.  This becomes Royal Oak Drive, and then to Amblewood, to Sea Mist, Sea Ridge and down to Lochside Drive.  We returned to Royal Oak Drive, to Cordova Bay Road, all the way to Mattick's Farm and the Cordova Bay Golf Course.

Nine people stopped off at Bill Mattick's Restaurant

in the Cordova Bay Golf Course for warm drinks
and refreshments.
October201912  Thanks to Don and Dolores Stevens
for organizing this colourful road tour.


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