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This October Sunday Run was attended by 24 people and 13 cars, 2 of which were vintage.

We apologize for the lack of old car photos, but the weather was not very good for a Sunday Run -- cloudy and rainy.  Therefore, most folks drove in their modern cars -- with better lighting and good windshield wipers!!

However, the rain did not detract from the wonderful Fall colours that were on display nearly the whole drive .....

This 26 mile, one-hour drive left from the usual place -- went out West Burnside to the Island Highway, along Ocean Boulevard -- crossing the Coburg Peninsula, and up Lagoon Road to Metchosin Road.  We then turned onto Happy Valley Road, to Rocky Point Road, and Kangaroo Road to Highway 14 and off to Sooke.

Once we arrived in Sooke, we toured some of the backroads:  Church Road, Rhodonite Road, Otter Point Road, Pyrite Road, Grant Road, Maple Avenue and West Coast Road.  A turn onto Atherley Close brought us to the Sheringham Distillery.

Today's first destination was the Sheringham Distillery in Sooke.  Participants were invited to sample the five different products they currently distill there -- from gin and vodka to a lovely chocolate liquer.

A tour of the distilling facility was also available and some folks purchased product to take home for further sampling!!

After the tasting and tour, folks headed over to Mom's Cafe, for food and fellowship.  Twenty-two people stayed to enjoy warm drinks and hospitality.

It was suggested that if the beautiful Fall colours do not lift your spirits, perhaps you should try  a beverage at the Distillery!

Thanks to Paul and Liz Taylor for organizing this road tour, the distillery tour and the coffee stop at Mom's Cafe.


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