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New Year's Greetings from the Victoria Chapter .....

The start of another great year of touring!!

The Victoria Chapter kicked off 2020 with our Annual New Year's Day Run.  It started at the usual
place (Pacific Forestry Centre on West Burnside Road).  After days of wind and rainy weather, New
Year's Day was just about perfect -- sunny, cool and dry.  A few hardy folks were in open cars and
were bundled up and ready for the drive.


There was another very good turnout -- the parking lot was overflowing
-- estimates were about 60 cars and 125 people.


Our VCCC Victoria Chapter was represented by 38 memberships.  There were
also many members from other local car clubs.


Driving route organizer, Brent Morrison, led us around the waterfront as usual, with minor changes to accommodate various construction projects along Dallas Road.

Our route took us from West Burnside Road to Douglas Street, and then all the way to Dallas Road.  We followed the waterfront onto Hollywood Crescent, Robertson Street, Crescent Road and King George Terrace.  Then onto Beach Drive and into Uplands -- around Cattle Point, and eventually onto Cadboro Bay Road.  We by-passed UVic on Sinclair Road, Hobbs Street to Arbutus Road.  Meandering along Gordon Head Road, Ferndale Road (which becomes Grandview Drive and then Ash Road) and then onto Cordova Bay Road.  Following Fowler Road and Sayward Road took across the Pat Bay Highway.


Hamsterly Road took us to Brookleigh, Oldfield, Keating X Road and Veyaness Road.  A turn onto Stelly's X Road led us to the Saanich Fairgrounds (the site of our annual Swap Meet in June).

Most participants completed the run to Saanich Fairgrounds.

NewYears202002 NewYears201502 Everyone was very generous in their contributions for The Mustard Seed -- a trunk-load of non-perishable food items and $310.65 cash.

A big thank-you to our cordinators:
Sue & Harvey Sherman (coffee);
Jane & Gordie Thomas (donuts)
and event helpers Rudy Ewert &
Norma Jee.

A warm hug of gratitude to all
those helpers who stayed at the
end and helped with clean-up and
putting away tables and chairs.

And thanks to Brent Morrison for
another interesting New Year's Day drive.
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