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New Year's Greetings from the Victoria Chapter .....

The start of another great year of touring!!

Wow!! The Victoria Chapter started off 2018 with our Annual New Year's Day Run and it was possibly the best New Year's Day Run in years!!

The weather was just about perfect -- sunny, fairly warm, not much wind.  Folks in open cars were bundled up, but not overly so.

There was a good representation of vintage cars from our Victoria Chapter (36 memberships in 23 vintage cars) and many guests from the Torque Masters Car Club and others.  It was estimated that there were 50 to 60 cars and over 100 people participated in the run and warmed up at the coffee stop.
Tour Organizer, Brent Morrison, led us into downtown, via Burnside Road and Douglas Street.  Then around James Bay and onto Dallas Road and Beach Drive.  There was a great view of Mt. Baker from Cattle Point.  We followed that on to Cadboro Bay Road and then up and over the hill onto Cedar Hill X Road.  We zig-zagged around Gordon Head and Shelbourne, finding our way to Cordova Bay Road.  Then across the Pat Bay Highway, beside Elk Lake and over to Oldfield Road and Keating X Road.  Finally, Veyaness Road to Stelly's X Road, and our destination:  Saanich Fairgrounds.
Brent's route sheet included some interesting facts:
  • Jan. 1918:  Mary Ellen Smith becomes BC's first woman MLA
  • Mar. 1918:  Daylight Savings Time introduced in Canada
  • Apr. 1918:  Minimum wage for women becomes law in BC
  • May 1918:  The Canada Elections Act enfranchised all Canadian women over 21
  • Jun. 1918:  Dominion Astrophysical Observatory opens in Saanich
  • Sep. 1918:  Lt. Col. Cyrus Peck of Victoria awarded the Victoria Cross
  • Oct. 1918:  Public Events cancelled due to Spanish Flu which killed 259 in Victoria
  • Nov. 1918:  Armistice signed, the "Great War" is over

Meanwhile, Karen & David Hilder were busy setting up the Reception Hall and brewing the coffee.

And, Jane & Gordie Thomas were picking up the donuts.

Thanks to Brent Morrison for organizing the run and delivering the food bank donations.  And, thanks too to Karen & David Hilder and Jane & Gordie Thomas for undertaking the catering responsiblities. 

And a warm hug of gratitude to all those helpers who stayed at the end and helped with clean-up and putting away tables and chairs.


And, finally. a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those members and guests who contributed to The Mustard Seed Food Bank ~ $282.05 was raised and 6 large bags of non-perishable food was collected.


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