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Another good day for a Sunday Run ..... cool, sunny with a few clouds, but dry.

There was a good turnout -- we counted 13 vintage cars, 6 modern cars and 28 people in attendance.

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John King's driving route led us along West Burnside Road to Prospect Lake Rd.  Around the lake to West Saanich Rd.

Continuing out to Wallace Dr., Hagan Rd., Marchant Rd. to Brentwood Dr.  Along the water at Brentwood Bay, to the communities of Brentwood Bay and Saanichton. 

Further out the Peninsula via Amity Dr., Moxon Terr., Lowe Rd. and East Saanich Rd. Taking Canora Rd. led us past the east side of Victoria Airport to Beacon Ave.

We drove through Sidney and onto Resthaven Dr., to McDonald Park Rd.  John's route took us around a beatiful crescent, Marina Way, and back to McDonald Park Rd. and Highway 17.

Along the highway to the ferry terminal, where we turned off and navigated around the North Saanich Peninsula which is the home to several large marinas and many lovely waterfront properties.

After a 90-minute drive, we arrived at our destination:  Canoe Cove Joe's.  We were expected and 23 members and guests stayed and enjoyed refreshments and fellowship.


Thanks to John King for organizing
this special Sunday Run.


Thank you to this month's photographers for their great contributions:
Richard Johnson, Paul and Liz Taylor.

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