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The 19th Annual Ice Cream Run took place on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018.  24 vintage cars
and 7 modern cars, totalling 54 people, met at the Pacific Forestry Centre at 7:00 p.m. 
The weather was perfect for a drive and ice cream.
The Taylors' route, which was approximately 9 miles and 25 minutes, took folks out West Burnside and around Prospect Lake.  Crossed West Saanich Road, onto Sparton Road, then to Old West Saanich Road and West Saanich Road.

We turned onto Beaver Road and into the property of Harvey and Sue Sherman.

Our hosts had lots of parking in the field, and a tent set up where Jane and Gordie Thomas had organized the ice cream, along with cake, and of course, many delicious toppings and sprinkles!!  And Sue had arranged for coffee, for those wanting a warm drink!!

Folks brought out their chairs and sweaters, just in case!  Everyone was seen to be having a good time.
Special guests attending this year's event were VCCC National President, Del Holbrook, and his wife, Angela, who is the VCCC National Webmaster.

Del brought greetings from National, answered everyone's questions and concluded his presentation with two draws -- the winners each receiving a hand-carved bird.  The winners were Helen Potts and Ken Showers.

Top left:  Helen Potts
Bottom left:  Ken Showers
Right:  Del Holbrook

A hearty thank-you to Harvey and Sue for hosting this  much anticipated Annual event; and to Jane & Gordie for preparing our feast.

Also, thanks to Paul and Liz Taylor for organizing the road tour portion of this annual event.


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