Paul Taylor took the Sunday Run from January 2017 and redesigned it a little bit. 

He was quoted as saying: "I guarantee that if you followed the printed route,
you will drive on roads that you have never been on before!"

As far as we know, he delivered on his promise.



The route was about 21 miles and took about 65 minutes.  The weather was a little damp and cloudy, but the snow was mostly gone and no one had any trouble with the roads.

5 vintage cars and 14 modern cars participated, totalling 33 people (21 memberships were represented).

The route started with a BIG circle:  Burnside Rd. West, McKenzie Ave., Carey Rd., Columbine Way, back to Interurban Rd.  Then, the route followed Wilkinson Rd., which becomes Helmcken Rd.  Crossing  Highway 1, we navigated around two traffic circles on our way to the Island Highway.  Then, along Six Mile Rd., Atkins Rd. to Selwyn Road. 


Then it was up one of the hills (part of Mill Hill) -- Mill Hill Rd., Langvista Dr., Kingsview Dr., back to Mill Road Rd. and Jeanine Dr.  Back down the hill to Selwyn Rd. and Strandlund Ave. to Veterans Memorial Parkway.  Across Highway 1 to Millstream Rd. to Treanor Ave.  Then a large loop around Bellamy Rd., Phelps Ave, Bellamy Rd. again to Treanor Ave.  Then we crossed Millstream and headed towards Florence Lake, around there and over to Leigh Road.

Leigh Road took us to Westhills Stadium and Langford Parkway.  Jacklin Road took us to Goldtream Ave., which we followed all the way to Island Highway/Sooke Road at Colwood Corners. 

Our coffee stop was Denny's, where they had a separate section set
up for us.  28 people stopped off for warm drinks and other delights.

Thanks to Paul Taylor for
another  "Taylor-made" run
and thanks to our dedicated
members who support the
Chapter's activities.


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