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2009 Annual Awards & Christmas Banquet

On December 6, 2009, the Victoria Chapter held its Annual Awards & Christmas Banquet at Barclay's in the Executive House Hotel in downtown Victoria.  As the final event of the year, this banquet is always well attended and the 2009 banquet was no exception. 

Special thanks go to Joan Huddleston for all her time and effort in organizing this delightful event. 

The restaurant is a fine location and the decorations were festive, putting everyone in the holiday mood. After a delicious dinner of your choice of salmon, steak or chicken, the Carter Family from Duncan entertained us with their singing and music.

At the conclusion of the entertainment, it was time for the Awards presentations.....


no award was presented
Tour Attendance Awards:

      Tour Plaques (for those attending 6 or more tours)

Bill & Lois Bouchard, Gordon & Audrey Boyd. Jamie & Sherill Cox, Finn & Freida Eriksen, Bruce Esplen, George & Rita Green, David & Karen Hilder, Hugh & Suzanne Johnson, Al & Barb Kent, John King, James & Barb Kitchener, Mike May, Brent, Newell & Morrison family, Heinz & Mary Mueller, Bill & Joyce Nicolson, Reg & Helen Potts, Gerry & Ann Sage, Norm & Ettie Scott, Peter & Terry Seward, Harvey & Sue Sherman, Don & Dolores Stevens, Paul & Liz Taylor, Gordie & Jane Thomas

     Most Tours Attended Trophy:

Brent, Newell & Morrison Family, Norm & Ettie Scott, Gordie & Jane Thomas
Membership Pins:

      5 years:

Steve & Sharon Butler, Scott & Diane Davies, Brian & Kay McKeever, Joseph Kovacs, Lou & Shar Neff

      10 years:

Neil Robb, Bill & Rose Lailey, Les & Rose Vivian

15 years:
Dave Blissett
20 years:

Gordie & Jane Thomas, Ron & Miriam Tomlinson, Mike May
    30 years:

Barry McClung, Stan & Alice Hunt, Pat & Margaret Meehan
     35 years:

Ted & Jane Baker, Don & Evelyn Spencer, Norrie & Rose Spencer, Denis & Diana Kitchener

      40 years:

Tom & Helen Fisher, Al & Barb Kent

President's Trophy:

Jane Thomas

Robert Lawrence Memorial Award
    ~ for the Most Valuable Member(s)

Dave & Becky Rogers


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