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The October Sunday Run was attended by 35 people and 22 cars, 19 of which were vintage.

The weather was perfectly lovely for a Sunday in October in Victoria.  Some folks even had their tops down!!

This run was researched and designed by Bill Bouchard, who created this route to pass by almost all of the historic Meeting Places of the Victoria Chapter.

As you can see from the run sheet, quite a few of the original Meeting Places are no longer there -- having been replaced with the property listed on the sheet.
This was a slightly longer drive than usual -- about 75 minutes, because there was a lot of territory to cover.

Aside from the Meeting Places, participants were treated to truly magificent Fall colours -- trees in glowing yellows and oranges and stunning reds.

At one point in the tour, we saw a sign that said that it was 2:30 p.m. and 21 degrees!!

James had his expert navigator
with him today!!


Today's destination was the McRae Bistro, where the friendly staff were waiting for us. 

They were eager to see all the vintage cars parked in their lot.

Twenty-eight travellers stayed and enjoyed the food and fellowship.

Thanks to Bill Bouchard for researching and mapping   out this interesting run; and to Richard Johnson and   Paul Taylor for polishing the route and organizing the   coffee stop.




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