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The Vinettes
had planned this Ghostly Run for last year, but had to quickly revise their plans due to a local marathon race.

It was obviously well worth the wait, as the members turned out to participate in an interesting drive and a very educational walking tour.

22 cars were signed up -- 15 vintage and 7 modern -- for a total of 40 people.

An eight-page route booklet was handed out to everyone.  This well-researched document included ghostly information on some of the haunted properties and buildings that we passed along the way -- including Craigflower School, Point Ellice Bridge, McPherson Playhouse, Bastion Square, The Empress Hotel, to name a few.

The weather couldn't have been better -- sunny and warm enough for top-down driving!  The route took us along McKenzie, passed Craigflower School, then along Craigflower Road, passed Burleith (James Dunsmuir's home).  Then over the Point Ellice Bridge and Point Ellice House -- both significant haunted locations.

Then we proceeded along Government Street, passing by the McPherson Playhouse.  Our next haunted locations were Bastion Square, The Empress Hotel and the Parliament Buildings.

We carried on to Quadra Street and passed by Pioneer Square (the old Quadra Street Cemetery).


Following Fort Street up to Joan Crescent took us to Craigdarroch Castle -- another well-known haunted home.  Shelbourne Street was our next place of significance; and then on to Oak Bay and a drive past Tod House on Heron Street.

Victoria Golf Club on Beach Drive has one of Victoria's most famous ghosts -- Doris Gravlin.  And our final destination was Ross Bay Cemetery, where many ghosts live.

We parked in the shopping centre and met up with Wilf Bruch of the Old Cemeteries Society, who led us on a 30-minute Ghostly Walk through Ross Bay Cemetery.  He has many, many stories to tell, but was only able to share a few due to the shortness of time available.

Participants retired to the Ross Bay Pub to share some stories and have some refreshments.


Thanks to the ladies of The Vinettes for organizing such a great Fall Tour.

And thanks also to Wilf Bruch for the most informative tour of the cemetery.


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