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New Year's Greetings from the Victoria Chapter .....

The start of another great year of touring!!

The Victoria Chapter kicked off 2017 with our Annual New Year's Day Run.  It started at the usual place (Pacific Forestry Centre on West Burnside Road).  The weather was quite chilly and windy, but folks were bundled up and ready for the drive.

There was a good representation of vintage cars from our Victoria Chapter (16 vintage cars out of a total of 37 cars) and some guests from the Torque Masters Car Club and others.  It was estimated at about 80 people participated in the run and warmed up at the coffee stop.
Due to the closure of our usual reception room for our coffee stop, run organizer, Brent Morrison, took a different approach to the traditional "round the waterfront" drive.  After the waterfront drive, he led us around Cadboro Bay, Mt. Doug and along Cordova Bay.  Then across the Pat Bay Highway, beside Elk Lake and then to Oldfield Road.  Zigzagging through  Keating and onto Veyaness Road, Stellys Cross Road and into the Saanich Fairgrounds.  The run was about 90 minutes long, but very pleasant and scenic. 
The route sheet included some interesting facts:
  • Feb. 1917:  First Jazz record (Dixie Jazz Band One Step)
  • Apr. 1917:  Battle of Vimy Ridge
  • July 1917:  Canada introduces "Income Tax" as a temporary war measure
  • Nov. 1917:  First successful tank use in battle, by Britain
  • Dec. 1917:  United States' 18th Amendment - Prohibition of Alcohol
  • Dec. 1917:  Great Halifax Explosion
Meanwhile, Karen & David Hilder were busy setting up the Reception Hall, brewing the coffee and distributing the donuts.
Thanks to Brent Morrison for organizing the run and delivering the food bank donations.  And, thanks too to Karen & David Hilder for undertaking the catering responsiblities.  And a warm hug of gratitude to all those helpers who stayed at the end and helped with clean-up and putting away tables and chairs.


And, finally. a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those members and guests who contributed to The Mustard Seed Food Bank ~ $125.00 was raised and 138 pounds of non-perishable food was collected.


Thanks to our loyal photographers ....
Richard Johnson
 Paul & Liz Taylor


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