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The June Sunday Run coincided nicely with the annual MODEL T DAY and Father's Day.

Our Chapter had been asked to help organize and support this event this year, after a hiatus of a number of years.

Funds were donated, and Paul and Liz offered to put on their signature Ham 'n Egger Breakfast for everyone.
The day started with some rain, but spirits were high.  Hot food and coffee helped warm the folks too.

The route took the Ts from Prospect Lake Community Hall, downtown to the corner of Blanshard and Yates, and back.  This was to replicate the original Model T Run.
Thirteen cars participated in this year's event.
The rain subsided and the racers were off!!

Including some very creative ways to
keep dry in an open car!!
Rob Oldfield presented Bruce Esplen with the winner's trophy -- a one-of-a-kind award that continues to evolve -- each the year, the current winner is to add another piece to the award!!
Bruce Hopkins didn't get off to a very good start --
looks like battery troubles!!

Thanks to Paul and Liz Taylor for catering the breakfasts and to Marc Brown for assisting with that, as well as mapping out the tour route.  Richard Maki was in charge of tabulating the scores.


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