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For February 19th, the weather was super -- cool but sunny and bright, great for a drive in the country in an old car.

Some folks thought that they were at a Cadillac meet because there were at least 5 Cadillacs there!!

There were 12 vintage cars and 12 modern cars on the tour, along with approximately 45 people.  Twenty-nine people sat down for refreshments at The Roost, and about 10-12 people took advantage of the offer to view Hamish's vintage car collection in his new garage behind The Roost.

Jamie and Sherrill's route took us out towards Prospect Lake, along West Burnside, Grange, Interurban and West Saanich Road.  Then we wound our way along Sparton, Old West Saanich Road to West Saanich Road again.

We circled around Ardmore Drive and back to West Saanich Road.  At the historical Holy Trinity Church, we turned onto Mills Road to go around the airport -- and onto Galaran Road and Henry Road to the Jetstream Custom Auto shop.
1968 Peugeot 204
Jason at Jetstream gave a informative tour of their new facility -- they are able to do just about anything in the restoration field -- from paint to upholstery, etc.

They had some interesting vehicles in and around the shop -- outside was the car (1941 Chev) that competed in the 2016 Peking to Paris Race (see photo below).

After the tour at Jetstream, 29 people made their way to The Roost and their Vineyard Bistro & Farm Bakery.

A section of the restaurant had been reserved for us and many took advantage of the delicious homemade food available.

Before we finished our snacks, Hamish came by and invited anyone interested to come up to his garage and have a look at his collection ..... about 10-12 people did so.
Thanks to Jamie and Sherrill for organizing this interesting run.

Thanks also to Jason at Jetstream for his time and hospitality.

And, thanks also to Dallas, Hamish and the staff at The Roost for their warm welcome.

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