50th Anniversary logo Job Descriptions of the various

EXECUTIVE Positions (required to attend each General and Executive Meeting)

In partnership with Executive and possible input from membership, sets the agenda and presides at General and Executive meetings.  Acts as a contact person for members and others with requests and ideas for entertainment and activities.  Monitors activities of the Executive and volunteers. Acts as a resource person for them.
Presides at meetings when the President is unable to attend.  Fills in as needed, acts as a resource person for the President and other Executive members.
This is the person who last held the President's office and stays in office until the next President retires.  He or she provides guidance and assistance to the President and the Executive where needed.
Records the minutes of General and Executive meetings and appropriately files and distributes minutes to the Executive.  Receives and sends correspondence as required.  Is responsible for liaising with St. Luke’s Church, to arrange for the hall rentals for the General Meetings.
Keeps the financial records of receipts and disbursements and provides written reports to each Executive and General meeting. Retains the financial report from the Swap Meet.  Summarizes the results of operations for the year for the Financial Review Committee and prepares a budget annually for Executive and Membership approval.
Two are elected each year for a two-year term.  Directors attend the Executive Meetings and participate in the decision-making process in the management of the Club.  Each year, the two directors who are not up for election form the Nominating Committee and run the election at the November General Meeting.
Elected for a two-year term, to represent the Chapter at the semi-annual National Governors' Meetings and Annual General Meeting, and to report to the Chapter Membership.  (To be elected in November of odd-numbered years)

Chapter VOLUNTEER Positions (NOT required to attend Executive Meetings)

Requests from membership and schedules monthly Sunday Runs.  Keeps track of Run Attendance for the Tour Participation recognition at the annual Awards Banquet.  Is also responsible for coordinating requests for vintage cars received from care facilities, hospitals, etc.
Requests from membership and schedules special activities for about eight monthly General Meetings.
The Membership Co-ordinator handles the annual renewal process, collects monies and remits them to the Treasurer, keeping track of who has paid their membership dues.  Sends membership forms to the National Treasurer.  Handles additional membership applications throughout the year.  Follows up with members who have not renewed their memberships.
Sends "get well", "sympathy" or "thinking of you" cards to members, former members or their families, as appropriate.
Keeps our Chapter website up-to-date and sends out email messages to the membership, as required.
Responsible for the annual Swap Meet.  This includes:  booking the facility; conducting the promotion campaign; obtaining volunteers for the various positions needed to run the event; attends the Swap Meet and manages the event and acts as a resource person for all of the volunteers.  Submits a financial report; chairs a review meeting, and reports to the Executive and membership following the event.
Makes arrangement for the facility; food; volunteers and other activities for the annual event.
In consultation with the Executive, arranges the location, meals, entertainment and other requirements for the annual Awards Banquet.
Receives and approves membership applications for restorations and preservations of vintage vehicles.
Produces and submits to deadline, a Chapter report for six issues each year of The Vintage Car magazine.
Publishes six issues each year of the Chapter Newsletter and distributes through current membershp email and mailing lists.
At every General Meeting, coerces the best money, with moderate levity, for stuff from meeting attendees.

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