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The Victoria Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada was formed on Tuesday, June 28, 1960, when a group of vintage car enthusiasts met at the Dominion Hotel.

Activities quickly followed with the first Sunday Run in July and a May Tour in Victoria the next year.  The popular Corn Roast started on September 23, 1962 and the first Swap Meet was held in September 1968.

To celebrate this significant milestone in the Chapter's history, a special 50th Anniversary Banquet was held on Sunday, May 30, 2010, at the Pacific Fleet Club in Esquimalt.

Don Stevens organized a road tour from McCall Bros. parking lot (corner of Johnson & Vancouver), driving through town and out to the Fleet Club --  incorporating parts of the 25th Anniversary tour. 

The following report was taken and adapted from the report
submitted after the event by

Banquet Organizers, Finn & Freida Eriksen ......

The big day had arrived. The roses and Dutch Bakery cakes were picked up and the committee met the Sunday morning to decorate the Pacific Fleet Club. A couple of roses with greenery were put on each table while the rest of the yellow roses decorated the stage and serving areas.

The place began to look pretty festive. Attractive green and gold commemorative pens with "Victoria Chapter V.C.C.C. 50th Anniversary 1960-2010" were placed at each table setting. 


Now came the hard part. Filling the balloons with helium wasn’t too hard a task but boy! the rubber on the balloons was so hard to knot that, eventually, we let the men with their strong fingers do that job.

Bundles of balloons, some with 50 on them, were placed around the room.

Bottles of red and white wine with a label of the VCCC logo and the 50th Anniversary Logo that Liz Taylor created were placed on a table. All was set.

Soon the evening began. As people socialized and throughout the evening, there was a slide show of pictures from the Archives. Dave and Becky Rogers kindly provided the Power Point equipment. Brent Morrison, our MC, kept the evening running smoothly. Tom Fisher said grace and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. This was followed by cake and a fruit platter.

Then the speeches began with Jane Thomas, our president, saying a few words. Ron Garay, our National president, was unable to attend but he sent National’s best wishes with George Hoffman who represented the VCCC National.
George had been present when the Victoria Chapter was formed and he had a few words to say about the early group of members and the start of our Club. He was followed by Charter member Ken Showers who reminisced some more about the early days. The evening ended with another fantastic Bill Bouchard production. This one was a little shorter than the DVD he made for the membership and showed at the meeting. Before we knew it, the evening ended.

As the members left, the female committee members gave each woman a couple of roses and each couple received a bottle of wine.
The committee would like to thank Bob and Joan Huddleston for making the wine. This was much appreciated. Also, Fairfield Thrifty’s made a generous
donation towards our flower costs, so a big thank you goes to them as well. And thank you to our speakers and everyone else who helped make this evening special.

Finn and Freida Eriksen would like to thank our wonderful committee members, Norm and Ettie Scott and Don and Dolores Stevens. Without your creative ideas and hard work, the evening would not be the success that it turned out to be. It was a pleasure to work with you.


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